Episode 159 - Tim Sullivan

54 minutes

Peter is on the road to wellness, and he has a crazy new idea to share (of course). Then, we welcome longtime friend-of-the-show and visually impaired runner, Tim Sullivan, who will be running the Boston Marathon with Bryan as his guide! Tim talks about his experience running last year's very cold and wet marathon, and the support that he and other runners get from MABVI (Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired) that allows them to have such a rich marathon experience. We then dig into Bryan's concerns as a first-time guide. Finally, Tim talks about his (controversial?) favorite part of the Boston Marathon course and what it's like to be guided by a faster runner. Plus, Tim finally gets the question he's been longing to hear, followed by a new HWYRT musical masterpiece!

Please help Tim reach his fundraising goal for 2019 by making a donation to Team With A Vision: 


For everything else, please visit us at www.hwyrt.com 

Have a great run today! 

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