Episode 179 – Amanda Nurse and Ellen London

71 minutes

It's been a busy week! Peter reenters the world of double-digit runs and Bryan tackles NP Boston's intense #WOahMAN triathlon. They return once again to the WGBH Studios at the Boston Public Library to welcome two super-fast and amazing runners: Amanda Nurse, who is gearing up for the 2020 Olympic Trials (!), and Fast, Funny Ellen London, who is training for the 2020 Boston Marathon with a special coach (hint: it's Amanda). Amanda and Ellen go into all things running, particularly how it has changed for them as new mothers. They talk about their different experiences with running during pregnancy and all things postpartum, including the safe way to resume running (Ellen may be too fast), fueling while running and nursing, pumping before a race, and having a secret weapon when it comes to resistance running. 

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